Woman toy? Dildos, vibrators and clitoris toys are different types of women sex stimulation toys

What is woman toy?

What is woman toy?

Woman toys are used for sexual act only by the women and lesbians. Unlike man toy, since the part to stimulate changes, many shapes are completely different. Woman adult toys can be electronic machine or non electronic machine. It is object that used to stimulate the women's sexual parts in the sexual intercourse or in other sexual activity. Women adult toys can penetrate the costume or anal and stimulate the breasts, nipples, etc, but that toys can use for penis stimulate.

Women toy are structured in the phallic shape so women can feel the presence of penis while use. It gives pleasure by rotation and reciprocating force that generate by motor in electronic women toy and in non electronic women toy,it will generate by women herself.

Women adult toy is not new trend, it has been used since the years. In 1869, doctors use women sex toy to cure the hysteria in women. From till to now, women prefer to use women adult toy when there is no option of men or her partner is not there. Women adult toys can used internally or externally, they anyhow fulfill the women's sexual wants.

Why do women use toys?

Why do women use toys?

Women and men use adult toys to stimulate themselves in the masturbation in order to fulfill the real pleasure when there is no real things. Adult toys have many benefits over the real penis that why women prefer to use adult toys. Such benefits are:

Real things cause pregnancy. There is no such headache with the use of sex toy. Likewise women eliminate the risk of pregnancy.

The adult toys have only the penis structure but the real things is available with the men himself. Some women do not want such hassle and prefer the toys over the complete men.

The real penis do not generate the vibrations, rotations, pulsation, etc, but adults toys can. And even adult toys embed the new features regularly. Women can use the adult toys till she will satisfied, but it is not possible in the real case.

Adult toys can available in many shapes and size. If a women has small penis partner, there is no option for her to exchange the size of penis. But adult toys allow that. Women can bring their satisfied size.

Types and characteristics of woman toy

Types and characteristics of woman toy

Vibrators & Dildos:

Vibrators and Dildos are penetrating women toys. Women penetrate the vagina with these women toy to fulfill the sexual needs.


Massagers is electronic women toy, but non-penetrative type. It rotates and gives vibrations on the body. Women can use it external stimulate for sexual purpose and to reduce the stress. Magic wand is highly used massager.

Strap on dildos:

Strap on is lesbian toys. It is a dildo that are attached to a strap. Women wear it around the waist and allow penetration to the women or men. Men can also enjoy anal penetration with the strap on dildo.


Pumps include breasts pumps, nipple pumps, vagina pumps and anus pumps. It is new women toy. It is used to excite the erogenous zones with the suitable pumps. Although it is very easy to use. It mange the blood flow in the body part and increase the sexual excitement in the affected body part.


Although costumes is non penetrative women toy. The sexy costumes are used in role play. Women arouse the partner with a complete new look.

Vibrator, dildo

Vibrator, dildo


Vibrators is one of category in women toys. It is electronic device that gives vibration to arouse the erogenous zones. Vibrators can be used internally as well as externally. The rotations, vibration, pulsations, etc features was added to the women toys is just because of vibrators. Vibrators not only included in the women toy, but also in the male toy.

Vibrators is best adult toy to start the sexual intercourse with partner. Couples can begin the foreplay with the level of vibration, by performing on the clitoris, nipple, breasts, neck, and other stimulating body parts.


Dildos is also a women toy category. It is structured in the form of phallic shape. Dildos able to gives the pleasure of real penis. Dildos are available in realistic dildos and non realistic dildos. Among all the dildos, women prefer to use realistic dildos.

Because these realistic dildos completely look like a penis. It has a glans and testicles with the proper veins structure on the shaft. Dildos are use in vaginal penetration and can also be used in anal penetration if it is small in size.

Vibrator for clitoris, suction

Vibrator for clitoris, suction

Clitoris is the key point in the women that arouse the sexual sensation. The super powerful vibrators can help to bring the most sexual arousal and also help women to reach to the orgasm during the sex or masturbation.

Basically, all vibrating vibrators are able to stimulate the women's clitoris. But there is also special vibrators are available in the market only for clit, that is clitoris vibrators. Clitoris vibrators gives strong vibrating on the clitoris's nerve ends that activate the internal sexual tissues for the sexual act.

Clitoris Vibrators are available in different shape and size and even in features. Women can get their desire one. In spite of the fact that a few women and men are sufficiently lucky to feel climax through penetration alone. But for most women and men it lead with the outer stimulation. Stimulate the nerve-finishing rich clitoris and penis to feel the sexual excitement and sexual delight.