Man toy? Types and usage of toys to help masturbation. How to use masturbator sex toys?

What is man toy?

What is man toy?

Man toy are sex adult toys that are used for male sexual ambitions, in a seductive manner. Many men use these man adult toys for fulfill the sexual satisfaction and bring the ultimate orgasm. Man adult toys are available in many forms and categories. Men can find their desire one and fulfill their sexual needs.

Men adult toys provide the penis satisfaction as well as anal satisfaction. When women partner is not there, men prefer to use the men adult toys for the masturbation. It is so good to create the sexual environment and sexual excitement in the bed time with the partner as well. Men can experience the ultimate sexual pleasure and orgasms with the men adult toys like never before.

From many years ago, only women shout out with the woman toy and satisfied their needs. What about the men? Men also have sexual needs and want to fulfill them when there is no option of woman. Then adult toy market introduce the man toy to stimulate the penis with the correct vagina shape adult toys.

What kind of man toy is it? How to use

What kind of man toy is it? How to use

After a lot of study, various kinds of adult toys came in the market. According to the shape, these adult toys are there:

Vagina shaped Man toys:

Vagina shape adult toys are vaginal in shape that gives a real vagina feel. The realistic vagina is one of them. Most men prefer such realistic vagina man adult toys. These adult toys have rigid internal texture and made with soft real-feel material to provide the seriously intense experience to the men.

Anal shaped Man toys:

Anal shape toys are made in anal shape. It is made by soft real-feel material. Although use of anal shape adult toys is lesser than vagina shape adult toys. But the one who use it, will enjoy the real pleasure of anal.

Silicone male toys:

Silicone male toys are made by silicone material. It is safer to use by anyone. Silicone men toys do not generate any type of allergy and safer to all allergy type.

Rubber male toys:

Rubber male toys are made with soft rubber. Rubber made male toys are good for masturbation. It does not generate the friction and rashes. It is always recommended for the adult toys whether for the men or women. Rubber male toys also able to gives the real feel and stimulation.

Types of Masturbator

Types of Masturbator

Cock rings:

Cock rings are rubber or metallic rings that wore on the penis. Cock rings helps in dry orgasm and wet orgasm. It increase the level of sexual excitement by restrict the flow of blood in the penis. The cock ring make erect penis even harder and bigger and help to keep it till your desirable longer duration

Vibrating cock rings:

It is updation in the regular cock rings. Vibrating cock rings gives vibration when men wear it on the penis. The small bullet vibrators is attached to the cock ring, that gives stimulation not only to men but also to women.

Penis sleeves:

Penis sleeves are like rings means have to wear on the penis. It enhance the girth and length of the penis. Also it restrict the flow of blood and enhance the sexual excitement by activating the nerve ends in the penis.


Fleshlight is ultimate men masturbators for gain the sexual pleasure. It is vagina or pussy shaped masturbators.

Tenga Cups:

Tenga cups is male masturbation toys. It is soft from the inside and had hard surface outside, so men can easily hold it for the strokes. To use the tenga cups, men have to wear it on the penis. It enhance the air tight sensation in the penis for the sexual satisfaction.

Sex dolls:

Sex dolls are dummy for women. It has all body parts like a female from nipple to vagina. Men can feel the complete presence of women. It is helpful to enhance the confidence level of bedtime. Sex dolls available in many types, even with costume or without costume.

What is prostate toy?

What is prostate toy?

Prostate toys is used for the prostate massage. Do you have any idea what is prostate massage? If no, here it is. Prostate massage is a way of stimulating the male prostate. Under the inches away in the anus, men find the prostate. Basically it is prostate gland in a walnut-sized that located between the bladder and the penis. Just in front of the rectum. To stimulate this prostate gland is most pleasurable for the men. It is also known as P-Spot in the men. It is just like the G-Spot in the women. So to stimulate the P-Spot and reach to the Prostate orgasm, prostate toy has been used.

Anal Dildo:

Anal Dildos is solid round shaft that go on the anus for stimulation. it is most similar like vagina dildo, but it is thinner than them. Small, medium, large are the option for the size in the anal dildos. Men can choice their size to reach the prostate orgasms.

Vibrating Butt plugs:

Vibrating butt plugs are electronic adult toys. With the level of vibrations, men can enjoy the better sensitivity in the anus tissues. Vibrating butt plugs available in many function and modes. Men can buy their desire one easily.

Anal beads:

Anal beads is a chain of beads. It is male adult toys for the beginners. Men feel the pleasure by passing the bead one by one in the anus. It is ideal to use a lubricant with the any of prostate adult toys.