Adult toys for couple. Which couple toys are available for men and woman. How to use the couple toys and precaution?

What is couple toys?

What is couple toys?

An adult toy which is used by the couple is called the couple toys. Couple toys are designed in such a manner that any couple either men, woman, gay or lesbian can easily use it for sexual pleasure. Couple uses the adult toys either for internal stimulation or for external stimulation. Some of the couple toys like double dong toys are designed in such a manner that both the couple can get stimulate at the same time.

There are varieties of couple toys is available to stimulate the genital area or other sensitive areas. Couple toys are available in the market with different color, shape, size, style, and textures. Couple toys are made with varieties of material like metal, rubber, plastic, silicone, glass etc. The material which is used to make the couple toys or any other adult tots are either high quality or medical grade so it is safe for body and skin.

There are two options for couple to purchase the adult toys - online store or shop. It depends on couple that from where they purchase the adult toys.

Different kinds of couple toys?

Different kinds of couple toys?

In the market varieties of couple toys are available. Couple can use the different types of adult toys for different purpose. Some of the most common and popular adult toys are-

Massager toys

Couple generally used the massager toys to massager the sensitive part of the body like genital area, neck, thighs, shoulder etc. Couple also use the massager toys for relieving tension and relaxing sore muscles. Most of the massager toys are available in the market with vibration function.

Anal toys

There are varieties of anal toys are available such as anal beads, anal vibrator, butt plug etc. Couple prefers the anal toys to stimulate the anal or rectum during the anal sex or anal masturbation. Some of the anal toys are also available in the market with vibration function. It depends on couple which type of anal adult toys the prefer for penetration.

Dildo toys

Couple uses the dildo toys either for vagina or anal penetration. Some of the dildo adult toys are designed in such a manner that looks very similar to the real penis and provide the real feeling. Lesbian couple can also use dildo adult toys very easily for sexual pleasure. Lesbian couple uses the dildo toys with the harness belt just like lesbian toys - strap on.

Vibrator toys

Some of the vibrator toys are available in the market with different types of vibration function and speed whereas some of the vibrator toys have only one vibration function and speed. Vibrator toys provide the more unique and enhance pleasure during the penetration.

How to feel pleasure with couple toys?

How to feel pleasure with couple toys?

Before starting the sexual penetration couple should start their sexual activity with foreplay. It helps the couple to get excited. Couple also use the sexy costume. Before using the couple toys, people should clean it properly. People can easily use water, toy cleaner or antiseptic liquid to clean the toys. Once couple cleans the toys then they should use the good quality personal lubricant. If couple wants to involve in the anal sex then they should use the anal lube. Personal lubricant helps couple to make the penetration easy and smooth.

After applying the personal lubricant, couple can easily use the couple toys. If the male partner wants then they can also use the condom and different types of penis toys like cock ring or penis sleeves. Couple also use different types of BDSM toys. Most of the couple prefer the vibrator toys for internal stimulation. Couple should always start the vibration function with slow speed and gradually increase the speed.

Couple can easily use more than one toys at the same time. For examples - If couple is involving in the vagina penetration then they can easily use any of the woman toys to stimulate the vagina and at the same time, they also use the nipple toys to stimulate the nipple or any other male toys like penis toys or penis sleeves.



After using any of the adult toys it is necessary for the couple to take care of that. Couple should clean the adult toys properly to make it free from germs and bacteria so that it does not make any infection during the sexual intercourse. In case, if couple is using the silicone made adult toys then they should avoid using the silicone based lubricant because silicone based lubricant damage the surface of the silicone made adult toys.

If couple are using the battery operated vibrator toys then it is necessary for them to remove the battery after use because if they leave the battery in the battery cases and leave it for a long term then there is a possibility that the motor of the couple toys get damage due to leakage of the battery in the battery cases.

During the sexual activity, if both the partner are ready then only involve in the sexual penetration. While involving in the sexual penetration, always insert the adult toy slowly and smoothly so that their partner does not get hurt. If any one of the partners does not feel comfortable or they feel any types of irritation then immediately stop using it. Couple should always store an adult toy in a safe, cool and dry places. Keep away from children.